Beautiful One-Storey House with Attic (100+ Photo Projects). Why is it stylish and inexpensive at the same time?


Do you know why the one-story house with an attic is functional and remains for decades at the peak of popularity? I will share features that you haven’t known yet. I think you look at such houses in a new way.

Content of this article:

  • The history of the attic and their features
  • How to choose projects of houses with attic rooms?
  • How does the overall layout of the house affect the organization of the attic?
  • Is it possible to combine different styles?
  • Advantages of the house 10 by 10 m for the organization of comfortable rooms
  • Homes with attic and garage - comfort and functionality
  • Features of placement and planning of houses 12 by 12 m
  • House up to 100 sq.m. - how to choose the shape of the box and roof?
  • One-story brick houses with an attic
  • With a terrace in the attic
  • From foam blocks with attic
  • From a bar with an attic - a return to historical beauty
  • With attic, lined with decorative brick
  • With attic and bay window
  • Important details
  • Heating
  • Attic lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Roofs with attic
  • Ladders - high art
  • PHOTO GALLERY (More than 100 photos of modern projects)
  • The history of the attic and their features
  • Advantages of the house 10 by 10 m for the organization of comfortable rooms
  • Homes with attic and garage - comfort and functionality
  • Features of placement and planning of houses 12 by 12 m
  • House up to 100 sq.m. - how to choose the shape of the box and roof?
  • One-story brick houses with an attic
  • With a terrace in the attic
  • From foam blocks with attic
  • From a bar with an attic - a return to historical beauty
  • With attic, lined with decorative brick
  • With attic and bay window
  • Important details
  • PHOTO GALLERY (More than 100 photos of modern projects)
  • The history of the attic and their features

    For the first time, residential premises under the roof appeared in France in the 17th century. Such housing was cheap and was popular among writers, artists, poets, artists and other creative natures.

    Currently, it is no longer exotic. The know-how of the architects of the past is used not so much in high-rise housing construction, but to a greater degree the owners of private houses. The equipment of such premises has its advantages and features.

    The house is one-storey with an attic

    Repair and placement of rooms can be put off until later. First equip the first floor, celebrate the housewarming, and then take up the upper room. However, in this case, you must immediately hold upward communication:

    • shine;
    • water;
    • sewage system;
    • the Internet.

    You do not have to violate the finishing of the lower floor.

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    How to choose projects of houses with attic rooms?

    Before you start construction, you need to decide: what is better construction of an additional floor or device rooms in the attic. The choice depends on the planned financial investments. Owners decide if they need additional rooms, a personal cinema or a creative room.

    Attic inside is made out in different ways:

    • walls repeat the shape of the roof slope;
    • side walls and ceiling are sutured to create a rectangular room shape;
    • the wall and ceiling paneling is partial, as a result, the space has an irregular shape, which hides the dimensions and helps to create an unusual design.

    Choose a project

    Roofs are symmetrical and with different slopes. What is a good project? There are several criteria. It must comply:

    • The climate of the area. For the northern regions choose options with thick walls, organize good insulation. In the southern areas provide open terraces and ventilation.
    • The decoration of the facade fits into the surrounding area and corresponds to the landscape design of the site.

    Option project

    • The soil is investigated and a geodesic survey of the site is done. This is especially true for areas with high groundwater, sandy soil, hilly area, freezing ground.
    • The house should be comfortable for all living, regardless of age and habits.
    • Communications and engineering networks do not interfere with the movement, the organization of decoration.

    Low ceilings can create a feeling of confined space.

    On a notePsychologists warn: low ceilings create a feeling of closed, cramped space. Some people are anxious if they are in a room with low ceilings and sloping walls for a long time. Therefore, place in the attic rooms, which are not often and for a long time.

    To properly decorate the decoration of the entire house and the attic, use the stairs. It helps to make all rooms comfortable and functional. You and only you need to decide which rooms can be placed in the upper floor. For this you need to consider various projects.

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    How does the overall layout of the house affect the organization of the attic?

    First, we will understand what the attic. By definition, these are rooms for residential and utility rooms located under the roof. This is not a simple loft. The height at the highest point cannot be lower than human height.

    This is not just an attic

    Which rooms should be placed in the attic floor:

    • Cabinets.
    • The bedrooms.
    • Baby, including play.
    • Home theaters.
    • Creative workshops for painting, applied arts, modeling, etc.
    • Extra living room.
    • If windows are installed on the roof, you can place the plants for the winter garden.
    • Wardrobe.
    • Gym.

    Attic room

    To be comfortable to be and move around in the attic - 50% of the floor space is made higher than human growth. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable, the room will not be functional and comfortable. And some people will feel discomfort.

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    Is it possible to combine different styles?

    It must be remembered that the attic is part of the living space of the house. Therefore, choosing finishing materials and direction can not make radical decisions.. As an option, the first floor is decorated in one of the styles: hi-tech, minimalism, Japanese, kitsch. You wanted to make the upper one original and you decided to decorate it in the style of Madame Pompadour's bedroom - blue with gold, a large number of elaborate details. Result: diverse premises will not be in harmony with each other.

    In the style of minimalism

    BoardTo avoid dissonance, choose the same color scheme, wallpaper, decor, furniture that follows the contours, style of each other.

    Otherwise, the house turns into a museum of various styles, but you will not feel comfort.

    This does not mean that you need to buy the same furniture with similar facades, paint (conditionally) all the walls in blue or pasted over with striped wallpaper. The main principle: the basic colors and elements should be fragmentary repeated in different rooms.

    The exceptions are hygiene rooms. In these intimate areas, it is permissible to deviate from the general direction, to use bright, rich colors and laconic furniture. Even if they differ from the general surroundings of other rooms.

    Option for a large room

    A similar option for children. If the child has not reached adolescence, they often make repairs: change the wallpaper, furniture. This is necessary so that the baby develops harmoniously, and the furniture corresponds to his age.

    Fans of open plan can apply two principles of decoration:

    • Functional areas that are viewed among themselves are made out in a single key. Choose the same form of furniture, design. Thus, provide a harmonious transition between the rooms. The house becomes stylish and functional.
    • For different rooms choose finishing materials with a similar pattern, texture. However, they differ in color, saturation of tone. In one room furniture is combined with laconic forms and classic artsy elements. In fact, it creates an eclectic, which involves the connection of different styles. This approach is often used in the design of houses for country rest.

    Rustic style with modern

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    Advantages of the house 10 by 10 m for the organization of comfortable rooms

    Square houses most suitable for the organization on the top floor of the attic. In this case, you can organize not only two full-fledged rooms, but also a small vestibule or corridor to isolate the premises.

    There should be a bathroom near the bedroom. To do this, it must be located above similar rooms on the ground floor or near communication systems. Enough to extend the sewer and water pipes from the first to the top floor, and a comfortable life is provided.

    There should be a bathroom near the bedrooms.

    Square house looks harmonious. They make it easier to make an internal layout. On the ground floor there is a living room, a kitchen, a nursery (if there are small children in the family). And in the attic part there are bedrooms for adults and teenagers, a study or other additional rooms.

    If the owners choose a studio version, then neoclassical styles can be used for interior decoration:

    • Empire;
    • classic;
    • baroque;
    • eclecticism;
    • modern

    The interior of a large room will not be overloaded with classic details.

    Good lighting will provide windows, embedded in the roof. They can be part of the roof slope or a vertical construction is created for the window frames. In this case, the house acquires elements that adorn the building.

    Light provide windows located in the roof

    BoardTo make the house not look like a square squat cube, build an open or closed veranda.

    This element is not necessarily located near the central door. The verandas, located on the garden or plot side, help to organize a good rest and relaxation with a view of the nature. In this case, behind the house create an alpine slide, an artificial reservoir, night lighting. The site acquires interesting elements, and the family rests in comfort.

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    Homes with attic and garage - comfort and functionality

    One of the most popular options. Such buildings look compact and complete.


    • decorating with various materials;
    • coloring;
    • plaster;
    • the roof is made the same.

    Between the garage and the house organize vestibule. For some owners, they become the best option. If the small plot is small, then such a house is freely placed on it.

    After all, a detached building for a car takes up more space. In such a room you can organize a warehouse of necessary (only non-flammable things) and, as a result, unload the house.

    Functional version with garage

    Residents of the northern regions get rid of problems with cars. It does not need to warm up for a long time before leaving. In this case, it is easier to arrange heating. Even if you do not plan to heat the garage, the heat of the house is transferred to this room and in it is warmer than on the street. No need to go out to get to the garage. It becomes relevant in cold weather and in rainy weather.

    During construction, create a tambour room and organize a reliable and powerful ventilation system. Automobile exhaust gases do not enter residential areas.

    BoardDo not clutter up the garage with old things. Better organize the storage room in the basement or basement.

    Carefully plan the entrance to the house

    Even before the construction of such a multifunctional complex, think about how not to make a mistake:

    • For the garage you need easy access.
    • It should not be located in the valley, otherwise rainwater, melt water will get inside.
    • The driveway should have a rough surface, so that there are no problems in the slushy weather and during the ice.
    • Decide whether the garage will be heated or not, so that later you don’t have to do an additional heating installation and change the boiler to a more powerful one.
    • The entrance to the house must be well illuminated.
    • There should be comfortable garage doors so that they do not interfere with the entrance area.
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    Features of placement and planning of houses 12 by 12 m

    Such buildings are risky to place on small private plots. On the one hand, the neighbors "will look in the windows", on the other you will not have free land. It is worth taking into account. Even if you are not a fan of intensive or other farming, many people want to have flowers, ornamental shrubs, or fruit trees. After all, without them, the house turns into a large apartment.

    House 12 by 12 m

    In such houses it is easy to make three or four full-fledged rooms in the attic floor. But in this case you need to take care of the lighting. The bedrooms have enough small windows. In a home theater you can without them, but the children's room, the study, the lounge, the winter garden need large windows.

    BoardThe partitions of the upper rooms must be complete. Do not agree to the proposal of construction brigade foremen to reduce the cost of construction and make plasterboard partitions. This technique does not provide sufficient sound insulation.

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    House up to 100 sq.m. - how to choose the shape of the box and roof?

    There are a large number of projects of houses less than 100 sq. M. Such suggestions help to fulfill the wishes of the owners. Have a sufficient number of rooms. Taking into account the rooms in the attic, the family receives an additional living space.

    In the attic place the bedrooms, high-grade walk-in closets, rooms with a library, playrooms for children, set up simulators. You can provide a pantry for household appliances.

    Area up to 100 sq.m.

    If guests or relatives in the attic often come to you, arrange guest rooms with bathrooms. In this case, the furniture is more modest than in the main living rooms. But do not raise the furniture that has served its time. The house should be harmonious and stylish.

    You have a teenager in your family and he wants to have his own living space - the attic gives such an opportunity. If the family is small, then you can give him the entire upper “floor” and he will feel like an adult, and you can check at any time what he does.

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    One-story brick houses with an attic

    Brick is traditionally used in construction. Projects houses a lot. They are different in size and shape. If you like variety, choose a construction from two types of bricks. This will avoid banality, and the house will acquire a highlight.

    Using brick

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    With a terrace in the attic

    In order to organize a terrace in the attic floor of the house must be at least 100 m². In this case, the upper rooms have sufficient space and the open space blends harmoniously into the look of the building.

    Terrace - a small, cozy corner

    In such a house can be arranged on the top floor terrace, which comes out of the attic. You will be provided with a good place for rest and relaxation. A good addition will be a magnificent view of the surrounding nature.

    An interesting opportunity to give windows, balconies Velux GDL Cabrio. They have two structural elements. The lower part extends outward, forward and automatically rails appear. And the top opens up and is set at 45º.

    Balcony windows - non-standard solution

    If you will organize a terrace at the top of the house, apply a few tips:

    • Do it with a roof.
    • Instead of a wall between the terrace and the room, install a glass partition with a door to provide sufficient lighting.
    • The floor covering of the terrace should not be slippery, otherwise injuries cannot be avoided.
    • Choose for her furniture that has antifungal processing of wooden parts and removable pillows, mattresses.
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    From foam blocks with attic

    Foam blocks are increasingly used in construction. The material is functional, convenient in the process of construction. Homes acquire solid luxury. The device attic floor helps to reduce costs. It is cheaper than erecting an additional floor.

    The material is unique, after the erection of the first floor, the ceiling unit and roof structures can be settled, while finishing the upper rooms can be dealt with later. Thus, the family can quickly celebrate housewarming.

    The material is functional, convenient in the process of construction

    Here are the advantages of building buildings from foam blocks:

    • Foam blocks more bricks. The erection of frameworks is accelerated.
    • The material is environmentally safe, does not emit toxins.
    • The blocks have a strict geometry. The laying turns out equal, glue is saved in the course of laying, seams minimum.
    • Houses made of foam concrete give the effect of a thermos. The houses are warm in winter and cool in summer. There is no need to do additional insulation.
    • Houses are long maintained without repair.
    • Not afraid of moisture, resists mold.
    • Does not burn.
    • The blocks are not affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

    The material is environmentally safe, does not emit toxins

    The blocks are well cut. This makes it possible to implement various projects with an interesting shape of the roof.

    If desired, walls can be plastered, painted, decorated with facade materials:

    • natural and artificial stone;
    • brick;
    • siding;
    • tiles.

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    From a bar with an attic - a return to historical beauty

    I will not list all the benefits of houses made of natural material. Let's say the main thing. Ecological cleanliness, good thermal insulation in houses, fresh air inside all rooms.

    Ecological cleanliness and good thermal insulation

    Houses from a bar with a mansard look completely and harmoniously. Its appearance resembles the past. Such structures are built with the use of modern technology, special materials for wood processing, logging logs. Therefore, they serve for a long time, do not lose their attractiveness and help maintain health.

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    With attic, lined with decorative brick

    Often the main decoration of such houses are the roofs of complex shape with an attractive roofing material. But more about that below. If a project with a laconic roof is chosen, then decorative brick will help to decorate the facade.

    To the house did not look boring, apply models of different textures, colors, sizes. For example, the corners, the framing of the windows of the doorways are decorated with dark brick, and the main part is light. Lovers of creativity, a little fantasy.

    Lined with decorative brick

    Instead of the usual decoration with vertical columns, veneer the corners in the form of steps. Large areas "break" fragmentary patches of several decorative bricks. Thus, the house acquires rustic exclusivity. It becomes attractive and unusual.

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    With attic and bay window

    A wonderful option for lovers of natural beauty. If you are bored with the usual standard rectangular-shaped houses, then the tapo project will be ideal. What are the features? This architectural feature has nothing to do with balconies and loggias. Bay window stands outside the main building, but it is one with it.

    This feature makes it possible to create rooms of unusual shape. In the oriels place a table for tea drinking, classes favorite things, live plants. Living rooms with such an element acquire noble luxury.

    Bay window protrudes outside the main building, but it does not have a balcony.

    For mansard rooms, bay windows become a wonderful opportunity to organize good natural lighting. In this case, there is no overhanging roof above the protruding part, which “steals” sunlight.

    BoardFor bay windows, order double-glazed windows with high thermal insulation properties. They must correspond to the construction region. In this way, you avoid heat loss in winter and ensure coolness in summer. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Important details

    Consider the details that are worth paying attention to. What is important to consider even at the construction stage, and what is better not to use? Further in more detail.

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    In order to avoid heat loss, even at the construction stage, high-quality insulation material is laid, communications are laid, heating devices are installed. But for these premises have their own characteristics.

    If the rooms are used irregularly, install temperature controls on the batteries. Use gas, electric convectors, which have thermal sensors that automatically regulate the temperature. This will help save coolant, electricity or gas.

    Battery - as an option for heating

    For small rooms with a steep slope of the roof will be the best heated floors: water or electric. In this case, the heating devices do not spoil the interior and it is easier to arrange the furniture.

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    Attic lighting

    If it is not possible to install full-fledged windows, then you need to take care of good lighting. Thus, safety and comfort are guaranteed. The organization of the lighting depends on the functions of the rooms, which are located in the attic. You have planned the bedrooms, including the guest rooms, then there is enough sconce, night lamps, and ceiling spot lighting.

    Lighting ensures safety and comfort.

    For classrooms, children's rooms, the approach is different. You can not spoil the sight. Therefore, the light should be enough. This will help chandeliers, table lamps with a directed stream of light. Lamps choose housekeepers with a range of rays close to the natural.

    Do not leave stairs, vestibules and corridors unlit. An interesting opportunity to give LED tape, fixed under the steps. They determine the direction of movement and do not use a lot of electricity.

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    Some owners think that in the attic you can set the budget blind windows options. As a result, there is no natural ventilation. The consequences can be irreversible: condensate is collected, the rafters begin to rot and the roof gradually collapses.

    Be sure to use windows for ventilation.

    Install windows with transoms, air conditioning or forced-air and exhaust ventilation. You will always have fresh air, and the structural elements are not exposed to moisture and fungus.

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    Roofs with attic

    There are no hard and fast rules on which form to choose a roof for organizing attic rooms. The main condition: to ensure sufficient height for comfortable movement in the premises. This does not mean that the whole room should be high.

    In the side parts, which below make roomy and functional cabinets with shelves, place tables or just sew them up. In the latter case, the area becomes smaller. However, cleaning the room is easier (no nooks).

    The roof can be absolutely any shape.

    Even a double sloping roof does not become an obstacle to the operation of the attic space. Applying the tips that were given in this article is easy to organize lighting, heating.

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    Ladders - high art

    It will be necessary to elaborate on this construction element. This is not only a necessary part of the house. Ladders give dynamics to the interior of the house. Choosing a model, think about what style is chosen as the basis.

    BoardThe staircase should not block the light and create a gloomy area.

    Consider how much space it takes. It is necessary to organize a convenient approach in it. And in the attic room at the exit should not be beams, sloping walls. Otherwise, do not avoid injuries.

    Spiral staircase

    In small houses do not install heavy structures with carved balusters and railings. They attract excessive attention and "steal" the living space. The fashionable trend of recent years: stairs with a support system on the road. Boltsa (translated from German - rod, bolt) are the reference nodes that guarantee the rigidity and reliability of the whole structure.

    They are completely weightless, light. Such structures are indispensable in the bay window, a limited space with curved walls. These are the walls most often in homes with attic

    Do not install heavy structures in small homes.

    They do not load the floor slabs,